Kayrita A.

Kayrita A. When I first met Liz just a few months ago, I was so impressed with how quickly she understood just what I wanted from my workouts.  I’ve had several trainers over the years who gave me a very basic assessment, kept my information on a card that they would carry around with them and sometimes not even remember where we left off or what I held as goals.  I can happily say that when I started training with Liz I was seeing results in a short amount of time and her technique is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or done before.  We have a lot of machines in our home gym but we rarely use them which really surprised me, I imagined a routine consisting of some circuit training and floor work.  Liz has endless exercises and somehow she remembers all of the ones we’ve done together which says that she is completely focused on me and where I want to go plus she never forgets if it’s an upper body, lower body or a combo day.  She has me doing things that I never thought I was capable of doing, we train hard and with an encouraging smile on her face she doesn’t let me quit, that’s when the confidence in myself grows inside and out.  Somehow she is able to make things fun and exciting while at the same time really teaching me how to focus on form and what muscles I’m using, how to dig deep for the power I need to get through those last few reps and those are the ones that make a real difference.  All I can say is we have a blast together, she’s so awesome, I’m now proud of myself for the hard work I’ve put into taking care of my body and I look & feel great!  Haven’t said that in a while.


Maria B.

I have been training with Lis for over a year now.  I know how to workout and people always ask me to help them but when I met Lis I knew I would definitely have to invest in her, no questions asked.  My body in a year has changed into something I have always wanted; toned legs, arms, great tummy and best of my entire butt.  It is very hard to push yourself on your own but now I have it all and love and thank her for it.  Who doesn’t want to look their best?  Not only is Lis great at everything, but she also looks great which is what you need to look at when you decide on a trainer.  If the trainer doesn’t look good there is no way they can make you look good.  All in all I will have her for life.  I could not have done it without her.

Thanks Lis and she is definitely N-Sain 2 Train


Pavani T.

Pavani T. Lis is a great trainer. Over the period of 1 year, she has become more than a trainer for me. She is like a life coach. She always motivates me at my low times. She the best trainer a girl can ever have.The best thing about her program is, she incorporates cardio and weights in the same exercise. I never felt that I was working too hard, except when I get sore the next day; which by the way happens often. J

I started training with Lis about 15 months ago. I came a long way in my strength and cardio. I was so afraid of doing pull ups and dip machine even for few reps. Lis encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and try new exercises.

I was mentally not ready for long distance running. Lis gave a simple and effective workout plan to meet my goals. She encouraged me to work on my speed by adding interval training to workout programs. I was able to participate in3 different 5Ks in a span of 1 month.

She is versatile with her techniques. I never got bored nor felt easy with her workouts.

She is an excellent trainer. I would recommend her to anyone. I lost 10-15 lbs. Ever since I started working out with her, I got so many compliments for my butt, Thanks Lis for everything. You are the best.



Pat and Dave

Pat and Dave “I have been training with Lis Sain for over a year and currently meet with her three times a week. While there are many things I like about Lis, the most appreciated is her professionalism. She always makes certain I am doing the exercises properly so that I do not injure myself. I have had other trainers who are only interested  in counting my reps. She makes certain she understands my physical needs and helps me target what I consider my “problem” areas. I have noticed considerable change and improvement in my muscle develop, balance and general health over the past year. I would recommend her to everyone.”
Patty Evers - Atlanta, GA

“I have been training with Lis for several months; She trains both myself and my girl friend at the same time. Not only does she give us a good workout, but we have lots of fun and laughter during our workout sessions. Having been associated with several training professional trainers for many years, I consider Lis one of the “best‘ in the Atlanta area. She is extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and varies each session targeting various areas of the body in a timely way. Lis has a wonderful personality and a joy to train with; she takes her work seriously and is very conscientious about all areas of her client’s health. I have lost weight since beginning training under her supervision and would recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their life-style and overall health.”

Dave Hannah - Alpharetta GA



Tracy “When I began training with Lis in May 2009, I had one goal in mind, which was overall better health by the time i was forty.  I also had one limitation, asthma. Lis not only researched my limitations but has implemented a personal program that works with my asthma and supports my goals. To my surprise, my body has toned and energy has increased. Through this, Lis has taught me a lifestyle change.”