Pat and Dave

Posted by admin on 2/20/2011


Pat and Dave “I have been training with Lis Sain for over a year and currently meet with her three times a week. While there are many things I like about Lis, the most appreciated is her professionalism. She always makes certain I am doing the exercises properly so that I do not injure myself. I have had other trainers who are only interested  in counting my reps. She makes certain she understands my physical needs and helps me target what I consider my “problem” areas. I have noticed considerable change and improvement in my muscle develop, balance and general health over the past year. I would recommend her to everyone.”
Patty Evers - Atlanta, GA

“I have been training with Lis for several months; She trains both myself and my girl friend at the same time. Not only does she give us a good workout, but we have lots of fun and laughter during our workout sessions. Having been associated with several training professional trainers for many years, I consider Lis one of the “best‘ in the Atlanta area. She is extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and varies each session targeting various areas of the body in a timely way. Lis has a wonderful personality and a joy to train with; she takes her work seriously and is very conscientious about all areas of her client’s health. I have lost weight since beginning training under her supervision and would recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their life-style and overall health.”

Dave Hannah - Alpharetta GA


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